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Welcome to April!
I know the beginning of this new month looks much different than we could have imagined. I trust each of us is doing our best under the challenging circumstances we are facing, and thank you in advance for your commitment to your individual responsibility for the health and safety of our community and to your child’s education. None of this is easy! Not for me as an educator, you as a parent or for anyone professionally. Take a deep breath and be kind to yourself and others.
Each of your families was prayed for before you became part of the RHCA community, and all RHCA faculty and staff continue to pray for you today. Our school/parent partnership looks a bit different for the immediate future. Still, the impact of the Christian, classical education your child is receiving will continue to grow and shine through in the days to come. Please know that every staff member is committed to supporting you during the time we are away from the classroom, and our commitment will not waiver to the mission of RHCA.
As we prepare for a further time at home, learning with our children and changes to the school schedule, please see the details below for information.
Spring Gala:
This year’s event will be rescheduled for fall 2020. The current submitted auction items will be rolled to next year’s event. Leaders for class projects will be contacted separately for decisions on how (or if) to move forward with the project that is started.
April Attribute:
I have attached this month’s attribute. When I reviewed it this morning with my boys, I was awestruck by the perfect timing of being reminded that God is sovereign, and as a Christian, I am to find hope in this truth. I needed this reminder today and have committed to reviewing it daily with Jayden and Jaxon, as well as bringing it to my mind throughout the day to refocus on what is truth. Your student will be familiar with the attribute format. Review it as a family and start a conversation about where we place our hope. The hymn “He Lives” was chosen because of the celebration of Easter. We may not be together for our Easter Assembly this year, but He DOES live, and that can always be celebrated no matter where we find ourselves.
Home Learning Packets:
All classroom teachers are currently preparing lessons for the remaining weeks we plan to be away from campus. The packets will be available for in-person pick-up April 14 and April 15 in front of the Education Building from 9:00-4:00. Teachers will also work with technology to provide recorded lessons and will share that information with you as it is available. Look for a recorded message from me tomorrow, it will be posted on the parent Facebook page.
***Completed student work from the March 25-April 9 home packets should be turned into your child’s grade level tote when you pick up the new learning packet. Kindergarten-6th grade assignments are required to be completed if you have questions about any assignment contact your child’s classroom teacher for assistance.
Spirit Days:
Plan to make every Friday (and any other day you may choose) an RHCA spirit day. Have your child(ren) put on a school shirt, take a picture, and either post it on the RHCA Facebook parent page or text/email it to your child’s teacher. Thank you to Mr. Bond for the great idea and an extra high-five to Morgan Nesloney for getting in the spirit early!!!
I have just barely made it through the typing of this email as tears begin to fill my eyes at the thought of all we are not doing together at school. It saddens me greatly to not be together for learning and worship. Please use the time you have been given with your child(ren) to do your best in teaching them God’s word, working on lessons and spending time as a family starting a new hobby or just enjoying one another. You are all heavy on my heart and always in my prayers as I find myself in the “homeschool trenches” with you. We are being refined and tested but will call on the Lord, and he will answer our prayers.

Assembly Lessons:

In His Service,
Shayla Floyd
River Hills Christian Academy
Head of Grammar School

Zechariah 13:9

And I will put this third into the fire, and refine them as one refines silver, and test them as gold is tested. They will call upon my name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are my people’; and they will say, ‘The Lord is my God.’”