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Prekindergarten for Christian Kids

A child’s first three years of life are called “Windows of Opportunity” for a reason. It is a time to achieve an early grasp on God’s objective and set a strong developmental foundation that will carry a young person through life. With the most complete curriculum in line with His divine plan for 3-year-old children, River…

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Curriculum Goals: English Language Arts

The history of the English language is intertwined with the history of the Christian people, dating back over 1,000 years. Every individual advancement in the language over the centuries can be attributed directly to the numerous Christian societies of Europe. Thus, having a superior mastery of the language is not only beneficial for a young…

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Curriculum Goals: Bible

Growing up is a long and treacherous journey, full of all kinds of learning for a young mind. However, it is never too early to foster an understanding of God’s objective, unchanging nature and His plan for every stage of a young person’s life. At River Hills Christian Academy, Bible studies are deeply ingrained into…

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