Prekindergarten for Christian Kids

A child’s first three years of life are called “Windows of Opportunity” for a reason. It is a time to achieve an early grasp on God’s objective and set a strong developmental foundation that will carry a young person through life.

With the most complete curriculum in line with His divine plan for 3-year-old children, River Hills Christian Academy nourishes students’ minds with the critical skills that they need to succeed in subsequent schooling. Subjects and activities exclusive to our prekindergarten class are as follows:

Preschool Christian School Curriculum

  • Assembly – Fostering a sense of unity through weekly presentations, theatrical works, and worship together as a school.
  • Religious Studies – Expanding worldview through studies of age-appropriate Bible stories.
  • Language Arts – Teaching alphabet sequence, introductory letter recognition, blending and sentence reading, and more.
  • Math – Developing number recognition, geometric shapes, and overall critical thinking.
  • Social Studies – Encouraging an understanding of the way the world works and each student’s place in it.
  • Science – Developing awareness of the 5 senses, dental health and nutrition, animal life cycles, and other basic concepts.
  • Spanish – Introducing Spanish vocabulary with an integration of pre-reading and pre-writing skills.
  • Fine Arts – Introducing basic elements of art and music, as well as notable historical figures in both disciplines.
  • PE/Motor Lab – Fostering students’ understanding of motion through skill practice, coordinated movements, and more.

At River Hills Christian Academy, we are proud to offer prekindergarten for Christian kids in Robstown, TX, as well as the surrounding Corpus Christi area. We welcome you to enroll your child in our school today by calling 361-933-1114 or completing our online application form.

Let God guide your child on his or her unique path through early education!