Curriculum Goals: English Language Arts

The history of the English language is intertwined with the history of the Christian people, dating back over 1,000 years. Every individual advancement in the language over the centuries can be attributed directly to the numerous Christian societies of Europe. Thus, having a superior mastery of the language is not only beneficial for a young person’s personal development but also shows respect for one’s faith and heritage.

At River Hills Christian Academy, we begin introducing young students to comprehensive studies of the English language at an early age as a way of developing reading, writing and comprehension skills. By introducing the concept of manuscript writing, students are also able to develop their storytelling skills. Our steps towards this goal are as follows:

Christian Bible Studies

  • English language instruction is organized around the three liberal arts, i.e., the classical trivium – grammar, logic and rhetoric.
  • Students are encouraged to develop exemplary speaking and writing, including vocabulary, grammar, style and clarity.
  • Students are required to write often and correctly in each subject area as part of the major emphasis on writing.
  • Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking through thoughtful speaking and writing.
  • Students are introduced to many styles of writing using the Bible and other high-quality literature.

We are proud to bring the English language arts to students in Robstown, TX, as well as Bible Studies in all other parts of Corpus Christi. To learn more about our curriculum or apply for enrollment, we welcome you to call 361-933-1114 or complete our online application form. We look forward to guiding young writers on the path towards discovering their own distinct voice!