Curriculum Goals: Bible

Growing up is a long and treacherous journey, full of all kinds of learning for a young mind. However, it is never too early to foster an understanding of God’s objective, unchanging nature and His plan for every stage of a young person’s life.

At River Hills Christian Academy, Bible studies are deeply ingrained into our curriculum as a way to introduce students to the Word of God on their path to becoming kind, forgiving and successful adults. Our steps towards this goal are as follows:

  1. Students in PreK and Kindergarten listen to readings of the Bible by their teacher.
  2. Students in Grade 1 follow along with readings of the text by their teacher.
  3. Students in Grades 2-6 read the entire text on their own, rather than only prescribed verses.
  4. Students are encouraged to understand the Bible’s context as well as the classic evangelical interpretation principles.
  5. Students learn to allow scriptures to speak to them through clarifications and illustrations by their teacher.
  6. Students learn the biblical pattern of redemption through unwavering faith in Christ.
  7. Students are encouraged to come to God the Father in faith, through the Son, and to grow in their knowledge and love of Him.
  8. Students are instructed that the Bible is true, entirely reliable, and testifies to its authentic inspiration by God’s Spirit.

We take pride in bringing Bible studies and classical education to students in Robstown, TX, and across the entire Corpus Christi area. If you are ready to enrol your child at River Hills Christian Academy, please do not hesitate to call 361-933-1114 or fill out our convenient online application form. We look forward to helping our students discover their own divine faith!