Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

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Held each Friday for students to present current memory work and worship together as a school. At various times of the year, this time will be used to present short theatrical works.

Religious Studies

Bible characters and stories will be learned from The Jesus Storybook Bible, The Early Reader’s Bible, and Egermeir Bible story book.

Language Arts

Writing Road to Reading by Spalding International will be used for direct phonics instruction. Explicit instruction in phonetic analysis, phonics rules and regularities, high-frequency words, blending, reading sentences, comprehension strategies and skills and development of vocabulary through an extensive variety of outstanding literature read-alouds. Manuscript handwriting will be used to teach writing.


Math In Focus: The Singapore Approach Development of number concepts, counting and number recognition, a study of patterns, geometric shapes, problem-solving, time, money, simple addition and subtraction.

Social Studies

Fall Semester All About Me, Family, Columbus, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Around the World Spring Semester
– MLK, Geography, Washington/Lincoln, Texas, Easter


Fall Semester- 5 Senses, Weather, Oceans, Fall, Spring Semester – Winter, Hibernation, Shadows, Dental Health/Nutrition, Spring, Animal Life Cycles


Emphasis on learning Spanish vocabulary with an integration of pre-reading and pre-writing skills to expand in Grades 1 and 2.

Fine Arts

Introduction to elements of both Art and Music and to specific historical composers and artists.

PE/Motor Lab

Explore and develop sensory motor attributes, coordinated movements, and fitness awareness used to increase students understanding of movement through skill practice. Help students see themselves as a unique child of God.

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