Shayla Floyd- Head of School

Shayla Floyd- Head of School

Shayla Floyd - Head of School

River Hills Christian Academy principal Shayla Floyd has a diverse history in the education field. After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in elementary education, she dove into educating the children of south Texas. Floyd has been with RHCA since its beginning, when she served on a research committee. Though she felt apprehensive when selected as RHCA Head of School, she says that she has found great joy in following the Lord’s lead and in being submissive to what He has called her to do. When Floyd is not at RHCA, she enjoys running, cooking and participating in Bible studies, though she says that most of her time is spent at her two sons’ sporting activities, cheering them on. Reflecting on her passion for education, Floyd stated that she admired her high school agricultural teacher because of his love of teaching and dedication to his students. She puts this into place by encouraging the teachers at RHCA to not only train students in academics, but in daily relations with other students and in the Word of God. Her favorite teaching memory comes from her early days in education, when she worked with first graders who were learning to read. She enjoyed seeing their confidence grow. Floyd feels that the most important thing a student should learn is the Word of God. Realizing that the Bible is the basis for our lives, she feels that if students know His word and hold true to it, they will be able to live a life that brings God glory.

Stephany Leal - Pre-K Administrator

Bobbie Nix - Pre-K Assistant

Juli Chadic - Office Assistant

Donna Sikes - Administrative Assistant

Sarah Herrin - Nurse/Librarian

Amber Simmons - Pre-K 3 year olds

Ally Craig - Pre-K 4 year olds - MWF

Erin Hodge - Pre-K 4 year olds - Full Time

Katherine Simmons - Kindergarten

Pam Rossiter - First Grade

Brenda Henderson - Second Grade

Lauren Patrick - Third Grade

Jason Bond - Fourth Grade

Jennie Syamken - Fifth/Sixth Grade

Connie Rodriguez - P.E./Art/Music